Martvill’s Affiliate feature empowers you to effortlessly integrate, manage affiliates, and monitor their performance—all from a centralized platform. Boost your earnings effortlessly, enhance brand reach, and attract potential customers. One key feature is the ability to set up commission plans tailored to your specific needs.

Setting up Commission Rates

  1. Navigate to your MartVill Affiliate panel and access “Commission Plans.” The dashboard displays all existing commission plans.
  2. A default ‘Storewide Default Commission’ plan is automatically generated. Click on it to set a default percentage or flat-rate commission applicable storewide. Specify the number of tiers (default is 1) and save.
  3. To create a new plan, click “Add Plan.” This opens the commission creation page.
  4. Under ‘NAME,’ provide a descriptive title for the new commission plan.
  5. For ‘COMMISSION,’ choose Percentage (%) or Flat (store currency), and set the amount. In flat-rate commissions, the set amount applies per order.
  6. Explore the ‘Rules’ option under ‘COMMISSION’ to establish multiple rule groups within a plan.
  7. Use the ‘WHEN’ dropdown to select ‘all’ or ‘at least one’ to validate conditions. ‘All’ requires all rule groups to satisfy conditions, while ‘at least one’ demands a minimum of one condition to be met.
  8. Apply the same logic (‘all’ or ‘at least one’) to individual rule groups under “This group is a ‘pass’ when.”
  9. Within each rule group, set up rules based on Affiliate, Affiliate Tag, Product, or Product Category.
  10. Utilize ‘any of’ or ‘none of’ to include or exclude specific affiliates, tags, products, or categories.
  11. Search and select desired affiliates, tags, products, or categories.
  12. Add multiple rules within a group or create new rule groups as needed.
  13. Specify the number of tiers under ‘NO OF TIERS.’
  14. Tier means referral affiliate user parent commission. For example, Assume a referral user C. C has a parent called B & B has a parent called A. So if a commission plan has 3 tiers C will be the first tier B will be 2nd tier & A will be 3rd tier. If the referral user has no parent then the other tier commission is not affected for any affiliate user.
  15. Configure options for orders with multiple products based on the rule groups.
  16. Under ‘APPLY TO,’ choose between ‘all matching products in the order’ or ‘only the first matching product.’
  17. For remaining products, set rules under “AND THEN, FOR REMAINING PRODUCTS IN THE ORDER.”
    • Continue matching commission plans
    • Use default commission
    • Apply zero commission
  18. Select ‘Active’ to publish the plan.
  19. Click ‘Save’ to finalize and activate the commission plan.

Note: ‘AND THEN, FOR REMAINING PRODUCTS IN THE ORDER…’ signifies that if the current plan matches with one product in an order, the specified rules will be applied to the remaining unmatched products. If no rule matches, the storewide commission will apply.

Your customized commission plan is now live and ready to optimize your affiliate program with MartVill.